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Top 10 questions about Face Masks and Covid-19

When did Puerto Rico Face Masks Start?

Puerto Rico Face Masks started in April 2020. We started the company because of the lack of quality, reusable PPE masks available on the Island of Puerto Rico, during the early stages of the Pandemic.

Do your masks prevent Covid-19?

We offer NO guarantees on our mask. We however DO believe our masks, especially with use of our PM 2.5 Filters will greatly reduce the transmission of the virus from person to person contact. The perfect environment is when people are of course isolated, washing hands, and wearing a mask. If in an environment with other individuals, the perfect situation is all parties wearing a mask.  These masks are non-surgical, non medical grade masks. Please follow guidelines, and rules and regulations set by the WHO organization and the CDC to be sure of the best way of any type of best virus prevention methods and practices.

Where else can we buy your masks?

These masks are offered and sold by the PR Face Masks company and can be found and purchased on this website only. However, you have the ability to check out our masks on Google, Facebook, and Instagram also.  Follow us on all three social mediums and receive an exclusive deals and discounts.

I want to return my mask, what do I do?

Because these are masks that are one of a kind (every one is slightly different) we are not able to exchange the product for an exact match. HOWEVER if the product is damaged beyond usability (which it shouldn’t go out from us damaged), we will do an exchange of an available mask (We’ll just need some visual evidence first). Buyer will pay for S/H also. (Because of the Covid-19 and other viral infections – NO REFUNDS ON ANY PURCHASES/All purchases are final).

Why PR Face Masks?

PR Face Masks stands for Puerto Rico Face Masks – We live here on la isla Puerto Rico! Part of living on the island includes enjoying the sunshine, culture, music, and food. The idea for the company came about when one of our team members contracted the Corona Virus and decided their needed to be unique face masks that would  provide quality face masks that represent the people of the island, but also gives the wearer something to accentuate their personality. So our motto stands – Resiste!

Are these face masks mass produced?

Not exactly….although we use a lot of large swaths of fabric, each one of our masks is just a little bit different than the next. NO TWO will be exactly the same.

Can I pick the masks up or have them delivered instead of having them shipped?

If you are in the San Juan Metro area (Guaynabo, Condado, Cupey, Old San Juan, Isle Verde, Ocean Park, Bayamon) your masks can be hand delivered (NO CONTACT) same day for a small fee ($3) after payment.

Email us if this is an option in the United States….we are practicing safe distancing and we don’t know where those hands have been. Mask and gloves will be warn either way.

What size masks are these, and do you make kid size masks also?

We created a mask for an “average size face” that can accommodate both men and women. If you have an extremely LARGE face, or Extremely small face, the masks could be smaller or larger than you need. Please check the proper fit for your face to ensure what you need BEFORE ordering (all sales are final, and it doesn’t fit your face is NOT a reputable reason for return). We do not make kid size masks, although some ages should be more than fine wearing our masks (PLEASE NOTE: Our masks should NEVER be worn by children 2 years or younger.)

How do we get items if they are currently out of stock?

Good question. Because of the pandemic outbreak of Covid-19, we are a little bit behind the gun with supplies, and demand is insane right now. The cost of the shipping and handling has skyrocketed, and made delays longer and longer. Please know however we will work to get your product as soon as possible. Many items are limited and sometimes might never come back in stock. If you have a favorite…make sure you have a second or third favorite also.  Puerto Rico Riste Masks are currently on back order, but can be ordered in advance, and as soon as they come in, will be sent out to you.

Do we do custom printing and design for businesses or other individuals?

Yes! We have the capabilities to design masks for businesses and individuals who are looking for orders of over 1000 face masks (Non-medical/surgical masks). Plans and designs can be developed at an hourly fee plus development and shipment of product. Manufacturing and shipping time frames will vary.